Quadramune (14 Day)



QuadraMune™ Boosts “Good” Immunity: while Suppressing “Bad” Immunity:

  • Protection from a virus is mediated by stimulation of the first layer of defense “innate” immunity:
  • interferon-alpha production
  • NK cell activity
  • Additional protection from the virus by enhancement of Th1 cells, which are part of the adaptive immune system and cause immunological memory
  • Suppression of excessive inflammation by inhibition of NLRP3 and chemicals that are toxic to lung


Pterostilbene, which is the active ingredient in NanoStilbene™, originally developed and patented by our partner as a potent delivery means of using pterostilbene for immune stimulation and blocking inflammation is included.

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) is a potent antioxidant, responsible for some health benefits of green tea.

Sulforaphane is an antioxidant and potent stimulator of endogenous detoxifying enzymes, responsible for health benefits of broccoli.

Thymoquinone is a phytochemical compound found in the plant Nigella sativa.


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